Travel Resources Checklist include the following

  1. Passport
  2. VISA
  3. Health Insurance and Vaccination
  4. Medications for those who are under medication
  5. Travel Budget
  6. Relevant travel clothes
  7. Travel MAP
  8. Your nearest embassy contacts and location
  9. Travel handbooks or magazine
  10. Reference for online travel logue
  11. Mobile Travel Guide Applications
  12. Camera
  13. GPS/Compass
  14. Dictionary to local language of your destination
  15. Portable Telescope


Make sure you have a non expired passport at least within the time of travel abroad


Other countries do not ask VISA for travelers who stay shorter periods example 60 days or less. Please ask VISA requirements for the destination country before you start your travel.

Health Insurance and Vaccination

Each traveler is advised to have the working travel health insurance and vaccination for diseases like yellow fever before leaving your home country

Medications For Those Who Are Under Medication

Other travelers are under certain medications for the long period. Please if you are the one consider parking all medication required by your intake session so as to maintain your good health while on travel.

Travel Budget

Normally the travel agency provides all necessary budget estimates for the whole itinerary and travel. However some do not provide stipend spending budget while on travel. These include budget for shopping, drinking, and any extra activities that are not included in the original itinerary.  Make sure your credit card have funds enough for this. On top of this make sure also you keep on your pocket substantial amount of money in the local currency to help you do the extra purchases as explained above.

Relevant Travel Clothes

Depending on the destination weather and the activities to be done, special clothing may be needed to suit your travel and activities. Example if you are travelling to Africa where most of the areas are hot and dusty, you must pack the relevant clothing for dusty and hot environments.  If your also going to climb one of Africa mountains like Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, make sure you have required climbing gears from boots, trousers, caps etc

Travel MAP

For guided travel this is not needed but for a non guided travel where you and your family or friends will be travelling alone make sure you have local maps.

Your Nearest Embassy Contacts and Location

Your home country embassy will be of great help in case you encountered some problems or issues that are beyond your control. Collect all contacts, location and all necessary details about the nearest embassy within the destination.

Travel handbooks or magazine

Travel handbooks and magazine are very helpful to make you familiar with where you are going. Normally these resources contain a wide coverage of information necessary for you travel and extra activities if needed. Some travel agencies provide this but other not. Consider buying this from you country or immediately to the destination country.

Reference for Online Travel Logue

Online travel resources are now days growing very fast and most of them are free to use. Create a reference list of all necessary Urls that provide travel information of your interest.  Use Google to serach using keywords like

  • [country name] travel guide,
  • [country name] travel directory,
  • [country name] travel tips,
  • [country name] travel manual,

Replace [country name]  with the actual name of the destination country

Mobile Travel Guide Applications

Mobile Travel Guide applications are more useful as these provide easy platform to peruse the same information that you may needed to read from the URLs above. Most of these apps are free buit there are commercial one sold from US$ 1.0 to some US$ 20.00


If you can afford to have a professional camera with powerful zoom will add value to your photo taking experience because some attractions are located in remote areas where you can not physically reach.  Smart phone camera can help a lot for this experience but standalone professional camera with long range zoom are more better.


GPS will help for geo-location positioning and navigation guide. It also help to record geo-locations information. The compass helps to locate directions with reference to the North Pole

Dictionary from English to Local Language of Your Destination

Dictionary that translate words of your language to the local language will help yuou interact with local citizen where there is no a translator.

Portable Telescope

Portable telescope will help you view distant attractions and make your travel a memorable one