As the country that has first and birth place of civilization in the word, Egypt is relying on the cultural tourism sector. There are so many historical place. Traveling in Egypt, are very interesting. Beside relatively low cost, the strict of security make the tourists more comfortable, because every curve in the road there are should have a guard officer. Tourism in Egypt, not only covers the ancient heritage of civilization, but also includes religious tours where we can see some holdover of the Prophet. To visit the tourism sites in Egypt, you can use travel tourism service which have very large amount in this country. You will find some of travel agency office in every road in the area around of Tahrir Square and downtown Cairo. They provide packages travel routes for all travel in Egypt, from a package tour boat river Nile (Nile Cruiser) in the city of Cairo, Luxor and tourism. For the purpose of tourism around the city of Cairo, they provide tour packages every day. The price was relatively cheap.

Aswan, this place must visit by you. Here there is the world’s largest dam, Aswan High Dam, built to protect Egypt from the big flood, and a symbol of 20th century architectural marvel.

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo, and became the capital of Al Iskandariah. Alexandria has a magnet for other people anywhere in the world. this is a city of trade, culture and cosmopolitan city. Supported with the transportation service and the cheap lodging. Can be in 2 hours by train and 2 half-hour by bus from Cairo. Tourism object in Alexandria such as:beach, diamond museum, luxury and biggest library, palace and park of king Farauq, El-ma’mouria Park.

Pharaoh Monument in Cairo
There are some interesting monument such as: Cheops Chevren,Menkaura,Spinx.

Shopping and Souvenir
If you are satisfied with the historical and pilgrimage tours, do not miss khan khalili pasa. This shopping center is located near the mosque Hussein and al Azhar mosque, the city of Cairo, is a traditional shopping center that sells antiques things.

I can imagine spending a holiday in the beautiful land of Egypt, many places that store the history of the wonderful world. So, make schedule for your travel tour to Egypt which have naturally charming that will make you amazing.